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There are two types of treks available in Nepal: Tea House Treks and Camping/Organized Treks.

Tea House Treks:

Nepal’s mountainsides are scattered with small villages that offer small tea houses/lodges accommodations. There are also numerous convenience shops and restaurants along the trails.  This hassle-free way of trekking provides you with a bed, meals, and shower facilities.

Accommodations can vary from those similar to hotels to more rustic settings.  Tea House Treks may be done independently or you may hire a guide and porter to help you along the trail and carry your heavy backpack.  This is a great way to trek, connect with local people and meet other trekkers from around the world.

Camping/Organized Treks:

This classic style of trekking can be conducted almost anywhere in the country. The treks are fully organized and supported with a team of guides, cooks, sherpas and porters who accompany you.

All the necessary gear: food, fuel and other goods are carried by porters. The cook prepares all the meals during the trek. Trekkers only need to carry a small day pack. At night, tents for dining and sleeping are provided and set up. Mattresses, sleeping bags, tables and seating are arranged by our staff.  All land transportation, local permits, taxes, porter insurance, port dues and entrance fees to National Parks are arranged.

Difference between Tea House Treks and Camping/Organized Treks:

Tea House Treks and Camping/Organized Treks have slightly different experiences as you would expect. Both treks have a lot offer. There will be quite a range of accommodation but if you are doing a tea house trek, you will be sleeping in clean, comfortable and functional place. The rooms generally have two beds and shared bathrooms. Dinner and breakfast will be taken in the lodge where you stay overnight, but lunch is usually taken somewhere along the route.

But in a Camping/Organized trek is often a little more expensive and requires a lot more organization but allows access into more remote areas. On a Himalayan sunrise camping trek, you will be in large comfortable domed tents.

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