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Bhote Koshi Bungee.

Another most exciting adventure inn Pokhara Nepal is Bungee Jumping. Bhote Koshi River side Bungee Jumping is the first one which is 160M high and known one of the best Bungee jumping site in the world. It’s about three hours ride from Kathmandu and 9 hours ride from Pokhara.

We say the Bhote Koshi bungee jump may be the most spectacular one in Nepal. You can fall right to the Bhote Koshi gorge from the height of 500ft and is also famous the longest free fall in the world. The Bungee Bridge is the longest in Nepal as well. Safety is fully guaranteed.

Hemja Bungee Jump.

Yes! We have started to arrange bungee Jumping in Pokara and its height is about 70 meters over an artificial bridge to pond. When you complete the Bngee a boat is there to pick you up. Having an aim of Promoting tourism in Pokhara, this Hemja Bungee is started on 2014. This adventure can be enjoy almost every day and till late evening. Now this attraction becomes a hub for the internal and foreign tourist who is visiting Pokhara.

Hemja Bungee is famous for “ FULL MOON BUNGE JUMP” on the occasion of Kojagrat Purnima or on Dashin Festivals.  Full moon bungee jump is prected by a musical event.  There is picking up and drop services from Pokhara city and is just about 40 minutes ridden out.

Come visit us and enjoy your holiday with Bungee Jumping.

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