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We say paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sort of flying. When we talk about paragliding in Nepal, we say Pokhara is mostly one of the top 5 best paragliding locations in the world. They say the convenient take-off and wide landing zones, right ingredient, stables thermals and the safety of large lake with incredible mountains view.

Many paraglide loves come to fly with us like solo and tandem. Commercially also we are best in 5 top beautiful location as well. And the travelers who finished trekking and looking for something to do in Pokhara- Paragliding is the first choice we think.

There are more than 50 Paragliding commercial tandem companies in Pokhara now. And here the price is not fixed really. You have to contact us for the best paragliding price deal.

Normally now Standard Flight (30Minutes) =Rs.6500 ($65)

Cross- country (40-60 minutes) = Rs. 10,000 ($100)

GoPro Footage (40-50 photos and 5 minutes video) = Rs.1500 ($15)

It is possible to flying on your own or Tandem Paragliding in Pokhara now. Flying on your own is like you having to get a permit from the civil aviation and it is cost about ($50). You can or get your permit from our office as well.  It takes two hours to get permit in your hand and we need a passport copy, visa photocopy, two PP size photo and a proof copy of your insurance with paragliding license.

And there are two other Paragliding Destinations;

  1. Bandipur ( About 80KM from Pokhara or 120KM form Kathmandu)
  2. Godawari ( This is the only one destination in Kathmandu you can fly.)

Now you are allowed to fly from Eastern Part of Nepal is called Dharan. Which is about 700KM east coast side of Nepal? We’ll update for the flying possibility or not. You have to contact us first.

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